Julian Cappelli CPA

Portfolio CFO

I help fast-growth businesses to improve performance, scale the business and prepare for investment.

I spent most of my career working in business advisory, growing, developing and leading teams to deliver an excellent client experience. I thrive on the variety of a portfolio of clients and enjoy nothing more than being the sounding board for entrepreneurs who have a vision they want to bring life. Having a chat, asking direct questions and challenging them to drive towards delivering growth and value. I also have experience delivering large scale finance transformation.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, keeping fit and spending time with my family. In my spare time I write and publish children’s books, with two picture books published and an adventure novel in the works.

Ask me about:

  • Best practice tech and SaaS playbook for scaling and accelerating growth.
  • Fundraising - preparation and execution.
  • Optimising finance and operational data.
  • Designing and implementing sector specific and operationally relevant strategic reporting.
  • Standardised international group processes and reporting.
  • Finance transformation.
  • Data cleansing, mapping, migration and integration.
  • Investor modelling and business planning.
  • International expansion.

flinder - accelerating growth

At flinder, we build and run smart finance functions® for fast-growth and complex businesses. We’re a technology and data-led finance partner that works with fast-growth businesses to improve performance, prepare for investment and scale operations. We harness complex data and deliver relevant insight to enable better decision-making to accelerate growth.