Our story

We build and run smart finance functions® and data analytics for fast-growth and complex businesses.

Our mission is to deliver relevant insight that enables better business decisions.

How it started

In 2017, there were two accountants, Alastair and Luke, with a passion for technology and data, and a belief that the needs of fast-growth tech companies weren’t being met by established accounting firms; there was too much gazing into a rear-view mirror and a passive nod-along ‘involvement’ in the business.

They wanted to up the ante. They wanted to harness cloud technology to give founders real-time meaningful insight and be a commercial voice at the Board table.

So, they set out to bring their Big Four experience and knowledge of best practice finance functions, to tailor it for scaling, fast-growth companies. And flinder was born.

Pioneering change

Since then, flinder has been a disrupter and a pioneer; shaking up the accounting industry and acting as a catalyst for change. It’s at the forefront of the industry in its creation of smart finance functions® to accelerate the growth of tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses.

flinder is now the technology and data-led finance partner to some of the most exciting fast-growth businesses helping them to improve performance, prepare for investment and scale operations.

The benchmark

While we’re proud to have won a number of awards on our journey, we're also involved in judging others across accounting, tech and e-commerce awards. We also help shape the future of the profession contributing to various panels, advisory boards and steering committees.

Thanks to our team and clients for continually pushing us.

We don't just talk fast-growth, we live it

Feb 2017
flinder is born!
Jan 2018
First 'flinder Takes The Piste' ski trip.
Sept 2019
Winner of Accounting Excellence Fast-Track, Innovative and New Firm of the Year.

Winner of Best Independent Firm in Greater London.
Feb 2020
ARR exceeds £1m.
Nov 2021
Clients raised over £400m funding.
AUG 2022
Launched data analytics app.

Our ethos

Fast-growth business leaders need responsive reporting and relevant insight now, not tomorrow.

We think finance should be all the things you are. Technology-driven. Data-led. Agile. Commercial. Strategic. Insightful.

We cut through the fluff to deliver meaningful, real-time insight. We get you ready for funding. We support you on the Board. With our help, you have the insight and evidence to tell a great story about your business.

We know what investors want. Companies we have worked with have raised over £250 million. With our support, you will continue to grow.

What's the deal, why a butterfly?

flinder means butterfly
Both our founders have a deep and personal connection to the Dutch language and to the word ‘flinder’ itself.
Golden ratio flinder logo design.
The butterfly effect
The butterfly effect is the idea that small, apparently inconsequential events can have a profound impact later. For example, the flutter of a butterfly’s wings changing the course of a tornado.
Golden ratio flinder logo design.
During its life cycle, a butterfly transforms from an egg and a caterpillar to an adult butterfly. At flinder, it's our goal to support our clients on their growth journey and help them transform their business too.
flinder logo in white.
In the context of flinder, the way we do things can have a lasting impact on our client's business. Even small, or what we think are obvious changes we make in their business, can have a profound impact on them and their growth.

Our values

Entrepreneurs at heart
Rocket ship emoji
Creators. Leaders. Self-starters. We’re an innovative fast-growth company that likes to challenge convention. We’re always thinking and looking ahead. Our people dream big and are driven to change the world.
It's personal
Fist bump emoji
We’re interested in our clients and each other. We take the time to get to know what makes their business tick. Yes, we deliver on business, data and finance challenges, but it’s always strategic, insightful and relevant.
A BS-free zone
Person shrugging emoji
We’re true to ourselves, each other and we’re straight with our clients. So, if we think something is the right thing for our client’s business, we’ll say it even if it’s not what they want to hear.
Flexing bicep muscle emoji
We don’t settle, we never stop developing. We’re always looking for a better way. We’re relentless when it comes to delivering the highest standards and getting the best outcome for clients.

Coming together

We’re a business that wants to coach and develop inside and outside the office. We invest in bringing our teams together. By spending meaningful time together, for example, on our flinder ski trip, we get to know each other better, we bond, we help each other out and it strengthens our team ethos.

Work with us

Do you want to work with exciting fast-growth companies? Are you a frustrated accountant who feels things could be done better?  Want to be at forefront of the profession and working with leading entrepreneurs? A pioneer of tomorrow’s finance function?

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join and help accelerate our clients’ growth journey.

Check out our careers page to submit your CV or check out our latest vacancies.

Where to find us

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London (HQ)

Metal Box Factory, Unit 226
30 Great Guildford St
London, SE1 0HS
United Kingdom