Systems implementation and integration

We transform businesses by implementing, integrating and running financial and operational systems to deliver an end-to-end solution that provides meaningful, timely insight across the business.

Delivering efficiency at scale

Disconnected or outdated systems leads to increased levels of manual intervention, delayed and inaccurate data and reporting and an overall lack of confidence in decision-making.

We'll explore your business strategy to understand your technology requirements now and in the future. We will then build and integrate the right business systems (or improve the set up of your existing ones). For example your finance, inventory and CRM, to deliver the data points you need to make timely decisions.

Finance and system transformation methodology across five stages: Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy and Do.
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Tech and e-commerce business owners estimate they lose about 10 hours a week reconciling sales, inventory, and customer data between their online stores and online accounting platforms. (Source: Firm of the Future)

Are you:

  • Concerned about system design, data quality and disjointed processes that cost time and money?
  • Frustrated by fragmented systems that don’t talk to one another?
  • Struggling to get hold of insightful data in time to react to market events?
  • Lacking internal resource or know-how to bring together existing systems or introduce new ones?

Systems transformation - our approach

We bring Big Four system analysis and transformation expertise across finance and operations to embed the right technology and processes to help you scale your business faster.

Our 5D™ transformation methodology

Discovery icon with decorative map
Discover opportunities, understand functional requirements. Scope initiatives and develop the business case.
Design icon with decorative pencil and ruler
Design high-level system architecture. Detailed design of new processes, data structures and transition plan.
Develop icon with decorative hammer
Develop application and integrations. Review and cleanse data. Document standard operating procedures.
Deploy icon with decorative cog
Deploy new ways of working. Cutover to new technology. Provide training and embed new ways of working.
Do icon with decorative chart
Operate new technology as business as usual. Focus on benefits realisation and continuous improvement.

Rather than jumping in to solution mode, we take the time to understand your business, your strategy, your existing technology landscape and your requirements - now and in the future. If needed, we can evaluate your current finance function operating model and design a new one. We create a change blueprint and detailed design of new ways of working before developing an implementation plan and building new processes, technology and data structures and deploying it with the business.

Working specifically with fast-growth tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses, we know what good looks like across people, processes, technology and data to deliver the system implementations to improve performance and scale the business.

Why work with flinder?

  • We’re a data-led finance and consulting team with a track record of helping fast-growth tech, SaaS and e-commerce companies to improve performance and scale their business.
  • We sit in Board meetings with our clients. We know what investors want and need; we know what information is valuable and we build that knowledge into the design of your end-to-end systems and processes.
  • Unlike other system implementers, we have experience being users, day in, day out. We only work with systems and tech that we use ourselves or run for our clients.
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