R&D tax credit consultants

With our R&D tax relief proven 6-step process, we’ll assess your business to identify eligible R&D projects and deliver you a robust claim that will maximise your research and development tax credit and minimise your time in the claim process.

Cash for growth

Research and development tax credits are great for fast-growing tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses for obvious reasons. Cash from R&D tax claims is a relatively fast, cheap and easy source of funding to grow. It’s significantly more attractive than alternatives such as commercial loans or fundraising too early and diminishing your equity.

We’ve developed a proven 6-step R&D tax relief framework to identify eligible projects across your business and deliver you a robust and maximised claim so you can extend your cash runway and focus on running your business.

R&D tax credit process flow chart.
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The number of R&D tax credits claimed by small and medium-sized businesses increased by 16% to over 76,000 in 2020. (Source: GOV.UK)

Are you:

  • Struggling to navigate HMRC’s criteria and identify what qualifies across your whole business?
  • Frustrated by the time and distraction of applying for and claiming R&D tax credits?
  • Wary of unregulated services offered by R&D tax consultancies?
  • Looking for ways to fund further growth without taking on debt or giving away more equity than you need to?

R&D Tax – our proven 6-step claim process

We’re a regulated team of specialists that bring together relevant sector, accounting, finance and tax expertise to prepare a complete claim on your behalf. Our data-led approach makes sure that you're adequately prepared before submitting your R&D claim.

R&D tax credit process flow chart.

We'll work with you to better understand your business, identify projects and valid R&D spend before preparing your claim. Finally, we assign an independent review team to assess the claim against HMRC’s rigorous criteria before it’s submitted.

For highly complex claims, we partner with award-winning R&D tax specialist, ForrestBrown®, to facilitate a successful claim and minimise costs.

Why work with flinder?

  • flinder is a regulated and trusted finance and accounting business with a track record of helping fast-growing tech, SaaS and e-commerce companies submit successful R&D tax claims. 
  • We understand the nuances of fast-growing tech, SaaS and e-commerce companies, and our sector specialists work closely with your team through the entire process.
  • HMRC are challenging more and more claims, and so you need to have a reputable, regulated firm supporting your claim.
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