EMI share options scheme

EMI share options are a popular way to attract and retain talent. We bring together finance, tax and legal expertise, wrapped in sound commercial advice under one roof to administer EMI schemes for fast-growth businesses and align them to broader business goals.

EMI share options – a popular way to attract and retain talent

EMI share options are compelling for business founders to attract and retain talent, align goals, and stay tax efficient for both employers and employees.

Qualifying schemes must meet strict HMRC criteria. We know what they look for and have developed a simple, fixed-price solution to implement and administer EMI share option schemes for fast-growth tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses.

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More than 15,340 companies opted for EMI share schemes in 2020, representing an increase of 6% according to the UK Government's latest Employee Share Scheme Statistics.

Are you:

  • Looking to put a share option scheme in place but not sure where to start?
  • Wondering how much of your company to give away to staff?
  • Comfortable with the valuation you’re giving to HMRC?
  • Trying to juggle third parties across finance, tax, and legal on your EMI scheme set up?
  • Wading through pages of legal documents, not sure if they align with your commercial goals?

EMI share options – a one-stop-shop approach

EMI schemes can be complex and time-consuming. The implementation of a scheme often involves complicated and prolonged discussions with employees, finance, legal and tax specialists. We bring all that together, so you don’t have to.

Our one-stop-shop approach means we can make sure your critical commercial considerations are thought through and implemented.

EMI share options – our approach

We start by conducting a detailed session to understand your goals for the EMI scheme. We advise on the various considerations and their implications to ensure you get the scheme you want.

Our specialist teams will draft the rules governing the mechanics of the scheme, plus an option agreement which is the legal contract between the company and the employee.

We also help prepare a valuation of the shares, manage your cap table to make sure that the structure is tax compliant for EMI status and take care of the admin.

You won’t have to worry about the stress of dealing with multiple third parties such as lawyers, tax specialists and accountants, because we take care of all of that for you.

Why work with flinder?

  • We know what HMRC looks for and have a track record of helping companies like yours navigate the EMI share scheme process.
  • We take time to understand your broader commercial objectives and make sure the EMI share options scheme is designed and administered to deliver on your goals.
  • Our one-stop-shop approach bringing together finance, tax and legal expertise means you won't find yourself wading through pages of legal documents or worried about valuations.