Announcing partnership with Uncapped


 🚀Announcing our partnership with Uncapped! 🚀

Having worked with Uncapped, we know how they offer founders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to scale their businesses on their terms by unlocking vital funding. Equally, we know the value they can bring to our client base by accelerating their growth, so our partnership will bring better solutions to our fast-growth community.

What this partnership means to us

Portfolio CFO, Fatima Salhab said:

"Having worked with them for over a year now, it's great to see how aligned we are in supporting fast-growth businesses. I'm excited to continue working closer with Uncapped and to be able to take more relevant financing products to our clients."

CEO and founder, Alastair Barlow offered:

“I’m excited to announce our partnership with Uncapped, which will empower fast-growth businesses with the funding and smart finance solutions® they need to succeed.”

By partnering with Uncapped, our businesses will be able to support the founders and entrepreneurs we work with by enabling more positive impact to their journey at each stage – bringing their vision to reality!

Interested in connecting with Uncapped? They're offering a 15% discount for anyone applying for funding through flinder.

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