Award-winning flinder announces its own data analytics and reporting platform to address gap in the market

Press release

London, UK: 10 August 2022

Award-winning smart finance function® company, flinder, today launches its own data analytics and reporting web application. The real-time web app surfaces deep business-wide insights which, through a managed service, are customised and aligned to a company’s strategy.

flinder CEO Alastair Barlow said: “We’re super proud of the launch and building our own technology was the natural next step in supporting our clients and fast-growth businesses to get more meaning from their data.”

“We’re passionate about going beyond generic financial reporting and our tool does just that. Our technology gives us the opportunity to get even deeper into our clients’ businesses and really align to what they care about. It helps us tell a more relevant story of what’s actually going on to better inform future decision-making.”

The app is currently available through invite-only.

Since it was founded five years ago, flinder has disrupted the profession by:

  • Growing the team to nearly 50 people.
  • Supporting clients raise more than £400m in equity funding.
  • Pioneering a new subset of accounting – smart finance functions®.
  • Building proprietary technology to surface business-wide insights.

The launch of the app comes at the same time as the reveal of the new visual identity and website which reflects its evolution and focus to become more technology-led.

Alastair said: “Like any fast-growth company, things have changed a lot since we started out after leaving PwC. We've evolved as a business and team, so it seems only fitting that our brand and look should evolve too. At flinder, we support our clients on their growth journey and help them transform their businesses.

In our short existence, we've been recognised for shaking up the accounting profession, won numerous awards, and had a lot of fun along the way. But we've always been super serious about delivering a more embedded experience. With that, we've made it much clearer that we focus on working with fast-growth tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses.”

About flinder

flinder builds and runs smart finance functions® and data analytics for fast-growth and complex businesses in tech, SaaS and e-commerce. The company mission is to deliver relevant insight that enables better business decisions.

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