flinder COO visits new team members in India


Welcoming new faces, embedding quality, and  team bonding in Bhilai

Our COO, Luke Streeter, recently took a trip to visit our team in India. It wasn’t just a regular visit – it was a mission to welcome new team members, coach them on the flinder ways of working, and make sure we all know what’s needed to deliver top-notch quality for our clients. Oh, and of course, there was some fun involved – cue the go carts!

flinder ways of working

Luke’s visit wasn’t just about saying hey to our new folks. It was about letting them know they are part of the flinder team despite the geographical distance.

"Welcoming new team members is more than just shaking hands; it's about making them feel like they're valued and an important part of flinder." said Luke.

We don’t do complicated manuals or boring presentations – just practical insights into how we make things happen. Luke sat down with the team and had various in-person training session around our very unique flinder ways of working. The goal? Keep it simple, make sure we're all moving together towards common goals, and embedding our unwavering commitment to quality and value.

Quality is more than a buzzword for us – it's our commitment to ourselves and our clients. Luke's visit wasn’t just about setting standards; it was about embedding a mindset that makes sure every project, every interaction represents the flinder vision. It's about sharing what makes up our DNA.

Team bonding, the flinder way

And because we’re not all about work, there was obviously some fun too. Luke took the team out for some go-karting and an “intense” game of laser tag.

"Work hard, play hard – that's the flinder way in every time zone.” Luke laughed.

One team member summed it up:

"Luke's visit felt like more than just work for us, it was learning all about flinder, our colleagues and making us feel like we are part of something bigger. The team socials were just the added fun that made us truly feel part of flinder."

Luke's trip to visit our team in India was a great mix of work, fun, and a whole lot of flinder spirit. Welcoming new faces, embedding our flinder ways of working, ensuring quality in everything we do, and lots of team bonding – a huge welcome to our new team members!