flinder hosts industry leaders workshop in the French Alps


In January, flinder brought 21 of the most pioneering accounting and accounting tech leaders together in the French Alps. Each bringing their own innovative perspectives for a workshop focused on the finance function of the future.

Every year, flinder orchestrates flinder Takes The Piste – a week-long thought-leadership retreat to push boundaries, share knowledge and have a stack of fun!

The result?

Deep connections with like-minded leaders with similar challenges. Collaboration on chair lifts, après ski and the hot tub to break down barriers and get to know other leaders and their firms ways of working. Personal and business growth through challenging conversations, workshops and impromptu discussions to push the future of accounting from the front.

Alastair Barlow, co-founder and CEO of flinder said,

Luke and I have grown this trip from just the two of us, to over 20 passionate accounting leaders and turned it into one of the most powerful collaborative events in the accounting industry – breaking down barriers and stereotypes along the way. It’s by far the most powerful and fun event on the accounting calendar! A big thanks to Telleroo and Silverfin for supporting this year’s event!

Along with a number of structured events during the week, we facilitated an evening workshop around four key topics:

  • Artificial intelligence relevance and application in the finance function
  • Beyond accounting; services of the future
  • The talent challenge
  • Open APIs and low code/no code

The group was divided into smaller teams and each allocated a topic to brainstorm the challenges and opportunities in each of these highly topical areas. The groups appointed a scribe, facilitator and presenter to share back their thoughts to the wider group, who also contributed their views on top of the presentation.

What was the intention?

To tackle the biggest challenges and issues in the profession, share experience to bring the many insightful voices into the debate.

We’re now developing a white paper to solidify some of the thinking, further the conversation and opportunities that were discussed and the perspectives people brought to the table, which will be available soon. If you want a copy, sign up here.

We’re already planning flinder Takes The Piste 2024, to make it bigger and better. If you’re interested in leading from the front and getting a little piste in the French Alps, then sign up here.

Until next year!