flinder wins CFO Tech Stack Consultant of the Year 2023 


Find out how shaping tech solutions around the business goals sets flinder apart.

At flinder, our dedication to innovation and excellence in finance has been highlighted with our recent win as CFO Tech Stack Consultant of the Year 2023, presented by Mayday Recharger at the Xero London office during the webinar series "Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero".

The Mayday webinar series, spanning 14 enlightening sessions, delved into how businesses can harness the potential of Xero and its vast app ecosystem, thus removing the need for traditional ERP systems. Something we advocate for fast-growth business that want to avoid the distraction of migration but still want great financial operations and insight.

Reasons that set us apart

Depth of expertise

Our blend of finance tech understanding, coupled with our portfolio CFO services, places us uniquely in the market.

Cutting-edge solutions

As technological landscapes evolve, we stay at the forefront, guiding start-ups in integrating the most suitable apps into their tech framework focusing on efficiency, control and insight.

End-to-end engagement

We not only implement cutting-edge technology but also continuously use and iterate upon it within our smart finance function® and portfolio CFO services. This hands-on approach makes sure we're always aligned with the evolving needs of start-ups.

Innovative mindset

Innovation is embedded into our DNA. We constantly challenge the norms in tech, processes, and data. By understanding our clients' objectives and strategies, we believe that a cleverly crafted tech stack can provide the necessary insights a business needs, often avoiding the need for expensive ERP systems.

Luke Streeter, our COO, stated:

Winning this award is a fantastic testament to the knowledge and experience our team possesses in smart finance functions and the technology that powers them. It reflects our in-depth understanding of our portfolio, grasping what they truly need and the available options.

Leading the charge in finance technology

In the evolving world of finance technology, flinder stands as a pioneering thought-leader for fast-growth tech start-ups. With our emphasis on innovation, acute analytics, and cost-effective solutions, we’ve been instrumental in helping craft numerous start-up success stories.

David Tuck, CEO of Mayday said:

This recognition to flinder underscores the blend of financial acumen and technological prowess that they bring to the table. In a rapidly changing tech environment, flinder stands out with their incredible expertise regarding how to build finance functions that truly resonate with business needs.