Unpacking the Digital Accountancy Show with Alastair Barlow


The show-stopping kick-off

When it comes to rethinking accounting and technology, the Digital Accountancy Show never fails to make waves, and this year was no exception. It felt more like a grand event than a traditional conference. A dazzling light show and upbeat music set the stage as founder Dan Cockerton welcomed the crowd, marking the start of a day filled with rich insights and lively discussions.

Leading the charge

Among the leading voices at the event was Alastair Barlow, flinder's CEO, who facilitated some thought-provoking panels. The first, 'Accounting for e-commerce: Apps & tools for managing e-com clients', dove into the vast sea of today's available tech. Alastair teased out of the panel that the power of technology lies not merely in possessing it but in using it strategically. The goal? To simplify processes and spark more profound, more meaningful client conversations. Spend less time on preparation and more on interpretation.


Harnessing the power of subscription metrics

Next on the agenda was the fast-paced panel, 'Growth metrics: What KPIs should cloud-native firms be measuring and what are the benchmarks?'. This session played right into flinder's strengths, thanks to our rich experience working with SaaS businesses. Having spent years diving into the metrics of subscription-style businesses, Alastair facilitated the panel discussion through a deep-dive into the innovative metrics modern accounting firms are leveraging across revenue, growth, productivity and service. His passion was so contagious that one participant remarked, "my head was spinning at the end with the amount I learned."

Innovation at its best

To bring this dynamic discussion to life, Alastair digitally scribed the key metrics and what good looks like on his iPad. We've included a snapshot of this in the article, capturing the innovation that defined the day.


Our journey: Shaping the future of accounting

The journey from PwC to establishing flinder has been a path marked by Alastair and Luke’s relentless drive to push the boundaries of the accounting profession. By facilitating these discussions, we had the opportunity to share the knowledge we've gained from our extensive work in the e-commerce and SaaS sectors and building a pioneering smart finance function® brand.

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