We're talking data analytics with JLR at Digital Accountancy Show


On stage: Digital transformation at scale - what accountants can learn from JLR

Real and in person, Alastair Barlow, flinder CEO, will be taking to an actual stage on the 8 June, when 2022 Digital Accountancy Show returns as a physical event. The show is brought together by digitalaccountancy.com, the growing community of the world’s most innovate accountants.

Speaking at Tottenham Hotspur’s Stadium, Alastair will be talking alongside Michael Mills, Finance & Transformation Director at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), about the real value of data analytics in business.

No, it’s not just about finding errors in the general ledger but how you can bring in operational data to enrich your analytics to deliver much broader business insights.

They’ll be getting to the nitty-gritty – how strategic business decisions informed by real-time data that can have a seismic effect on your and your client's businesses.

Who, what, where and when?

Alastair Barlow and Michael Mills (JLR)

Digital transformation at scale: What accountants can learn from JLR

Main Stage, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

11:30 - 12:00 on 8 June

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And Alastair says, if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, there's also a free bar ... 😎🍻