A seat at the table: The role of finance in strategic decision-making


Learn how finance teams in start-ups provide decision support, conduct scenario modelling, and manage risk to drive growth and success.

In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of start-ups, strategic decisions can make or break a company. In this vital process, one team that plays a surprisingly crucial role is the finance team.

Let's delve into why it's critical for finance to be involved in strategic decisions.

Consistent decision support

Finance teams provide invaluable decision support. With their understanding of the company's financial position, they can offer a realistic view of the resources available to support strategic initiatives. They can assess the financial implications of each strategic option, adding a critical layer of practicality to the decision-making process.

Scenario modelling

In strategic decision-making, scenario modelling is a powerful tool, and who better to take the lead on this than the finance team? With their skills in financial analysis, finance teams can create detailed models that project the outcomes of various strategic scenarios. This can significantly help in evaluating different options and choosing the best path forward.

Grounding decisions in financial realities

Strategic decisions can be influenced by numerous factors, including market trends, competition, and innovation. However, they must also be grounded in financial realities. The finance team can make sure that the decisions made are financially viable and sustainable.

Alignment with overall goals and objectives

The finance team has a clear understanding of the company's overall goals and objectives. They can make sure that strategic decisions align with these objectives, promoting coherence and unity in the company's strategic direction.

Risk assessment and mitigation

One of the key roles of the finance team is risk assessment and mitigation. By being involved in strategic decision-making, they can identify financial risks associated with different strategic options and suggest measures to mitigate these risks.

Having your finance team involved in strategic decision-making is highly beneficial, ideally providing consistent decision support and even taking the lead on scenario modelling to help evaluate different options. By doing so, individuals with financial expertise can ensure that strategic decisions are grounded in financial realities and are aligned with the company's overall goals and objectives. 

In essence, when the finance team is deeply involved in strategic decision-making, it strengthens the financial sustainability of strategic initiatives, brings coherence to strategic choices, and enhances the company's capacity to make decisions that drive growth and success.

Want to get finance more involved in strategic decision-making in your business?

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