Building in public - Episode 4


A reminder of what we are building with our data analytics SaaS platform and why we are doing it!


The overarching theme is it’s hard! It’s hard to build features, functionality and an app with a small team.

One of the tools we’ve applied across the business in the past is a priority matrix. We’ve done this with individuals at different roles to both get them to focus on what’s important, but also to identify what activities can be delivered in a different way.

Priority matrix

Using a priority matrix can be a really powerful approach to focus on what’s important. In this example, we used one axis for what’s really impactful for the product i.e. what are the important features or functionality, on a scale from least important to most important. The other axis or scale was time or ease of implementation. Plotting the features on this matrix should give you the highest impact for the lowest effort.

We’ve probably need to focus more on this type of exercise, so definitely something we’ll pay more attention to going forward.

On top of that, March is always a good month for flinder as it’s when we have our annual ski trip which is always a fun time for the team as whole to bond and build experiences together.


One of the main challenges has been generally about focus with so many things to accomplish. We’ve got features to roll out as well as the demo dashboard to try and get revenue in across tech, SaaS and e-commerce sectors. We’ve also got clients to migrate across from a legacy platform.

But the main challenge has been figuring out how best to populate the data in our sandbox environment so users can play around in the demo environment. We’re still figuring this out, especially as we want the data to be relevant and live.


We’ve more or less got the Knowledge Hub up and running and we did a re-skin on that which looks great and it’s now almost ready to roll out. We’re also well under way with the e-commerce dashboards and the SaaS dashboards too.

The e-commerce dashboards are built with Shopify and Xero data and visualise data points such as marketing spend, ROAS, blended ROAS, CPA and loads more hyper-specific e-commerce metrics.

Metrics – Mar 2023

  • Basic (free): 54 (61 logos)
  • Custom (paid): 4 (3 logos)
  • Basic (free): 162 (183 dashboards)
  • Custom (paid): 16 (12 dashboards)
  • Individual users: 93 (83 users)
  • MRR: £1,875 (£1.2k)
  • ARPA: £469 (£400)

What’s coming next

In the same vein as the prioritisation I mentioned above, the two things that we really want to nail down next month are:

  • Migration (final – hopefully!): continue to migrate non-standard dashboards from Klipfolio to our application.
  • Xero consolidation: our most important new feature! We’re busy working on the back-end consolidation data tables and the front-end will likely be similar look and feel to our groupings function.This is something we need to get working pretty soon given the number of clients we have with multiple entities.

Until next time 🤟

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