Navigating the high-pressure tech start-up world while prioritising health and well-being


How to keep your start-up ambitions burning brightly without burning out.


Starting a tech business is no easy feat. The unrelenting demands of a fast-growing start-up in the bustling hub of London's tech scene, the relentless pursuit of Seed or Series A funding, and the constant expectation to innovate can leave founders feeling like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The founder's burden and importance of well-being

Being at the helm of a start-up often means taking the brunt of the highs and lows, weathering pressures from investors, the team, product development, and cash burn. This pressure-cooker environment can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. Despite this, health and well-being often take a back seat as business demands take precedence, leading to burnout and various health conditions. This doesn't have to be your narrative. Your health and well-being are crucial to your start-up's success.

Action point: Start your well-being journey today. Assess your current health and wellness routines and identify areas that need improvement.

Lessons from the frontlines and fostering supportive networks

Start-up founders can find solace and strength in shared experiences. Dan Murray-Serter, co-founder of Heights, shares his story of battling burnout and insomnia, highlighting the importance of 'braincare' - activities that help you take care of your brain. From Dan's experience, it's evident that finding support within the entrepreneurial community is invaluable. Being part of a group of fellow entrepreneurs can provide a sounding board, alleviate feelings of isolation and provide practical advice from those who've been there.

Action point: Join or form a network of fellow entrepreneurs. Use this platform to share experiences, advice, and support.

Holistic health strategies: Exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management

Your well-being should be viewed holistically, incorporating regular exercise, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and effective stress management techniques. Regular exercise not only boosts your physical health but also releases endorphins that help combat stress and anxiety. Eating a well-balanced diet keeps your energy levels up, ensuring you're fuelled for the day's challenges. Adequate sleep, as Matthew Walker, a renowned sleep scientist, emphasises, is essential for cognitive functions such as problem-solving and creativity, both critical for founders. Managing stress effectively through mindfulness practices or hobbies ensures you remain resilient in the face of start-up pressures.

Action point: Develop a holistic health routine incorporating exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management. Start with small, manageable changes and build up from there.

Harnessing productivity and the power of digital detox

Understanding your productivity patterns and working when you're most effective can drastically increase your work output. For instance, tasks that take four hours at night could perhaps be completed in just an hour in the morning when you're fresh. Digital detox is another powerful strategy. As Dan experienced, time away from the constant barrage of emails and notifications can rejuvenate you, leaving you bursting with fresh ideas and energy.

Action point: Identify your most productive hours and adjust your work schedule accordingly. Schedule regular digital detoxes to reset and recharge.

Perspective: The marathon, not the sprint

Running a start-up is a marathon, not a sprint. It's a long game, and ensuring you remain healthy and resilient throughout this journey is essential. It's about finding a sustainable pace and maintaining it rather than burning out in a high-intensity sprint.


Navigating the world of tech start-ups is a high-stakes, high-pressure endeavour. Balancing the demands of this world while prioritising your health and well-being may seem like a daunting task, but it is far from impossible. With the right support, a focus on holistic health, strategic work patterns, and an eye on the long game, you can thrive both personally and professionally in your start-up journey.

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