Unleashing growth with sector-specific reporting


Unlock faster growth in tech and SaaS startups with sector-specific reporting. Leverage industry-specific KPIs, benchmarks, and tailored stakeholder reporting to make strategic decisions and track fundraising milestones.

In the world of fast-growth tech and SaaS start-ups, effective financial reporting is a crucial lever of success. More than ever, sector-specific reporting, which is tailored to the nuances and benchmarks of your industry, can drive faster growth by offering sharp insights and benchmarks to assess your performance.

Let's dive into how this focused approach can supercharge your growth journey.

Industry-specific KPIs and metrics

Generic metrics might provide an overall picture, but sector-specific KPIs and metrics can unearth the real magic. Whether it's the lifetime value of a customer in a SaaS business or the active user count for an app-based start-up, industry-specific indicators allow you to really focus on what truly matters for your business model 

Benchmarking against the industry

Sector-focused reporting provides a robust framework to benchmark your performance against peers and industry standards. How does your gross margin compare to other players in the sector? Are your customer acquisition costs in line with industry norms? These benchmarks offer a vital reality check and can reveal areas where you need to up your game. These are all the metrics an investor will benchmark against their portfolio and other opportunities.

Tailored reporting for stakeholders

Stakeholders in a specific sector often look for certain markers that demonstrate growth and viability. By focusing on sector-specific reporting, you can provide investors with the precise data they're interested in, showcasing your understanding of industry metrics and trends. This tailored approach instils investor confidence and can significantly impact funding rounds.

Driving strategic decisions

The detailed insights derived from sector-specific reporting can fuel informed, strategic decisions. It helps you to identify gaps, allocate resources wisely, and even to pivot strategies if needed. In other words, it's more than reporting; it's a strategic roadmap to growth.

Track towards fundraising milestones

When it comes to fundraising, sector-specific reporting shines. With a clear understanding of industry standards and expectations, you can track your start-up towards key fundraising milestones, enabling better preparation for discussions with potential investors.

Dave Eaton, Portfolio CFO at flinder shared

Potential investors are going to be asking for such metrics – and if you can’t provide them, they will have a go at calculating them themselves. You should be controlling the narrative and demonstrating to investors that you track these and are in complete control of where you are now and where you’re heading.

Dave goes on to add, "I had a debate recently with a founder about sharing our full financial model with a potential Series A investor as it’s the model we use to run the business day to day. My view was that, while it’s built as an internal management tool and not a pretty presentation, it contains detailed P&L and cash actuals and forecasts and lots of metrics specific to the business so shows the detail we go into in our financial planning and added huge credibility to the process."

In essence, sector-focused reporting can provide valuable insights into your start-up’s financial and operational performance. Including comprehensive sector-specific KPIs, metrics, and benchmarks helps to ensure that your financial reporting aligns with industry standards and gives a clear understanding of your company's standing within the sector. 

Embracing this level of detail in regular reporting allows you to proactively navigate towards your fundraising milestones and effectively manage discussions with current and potential investors. Through sector-specific reporting, your finance team is not just presenting numbers, but also illustrating your growth story in a way that resonates with your industry, fostering faster growth and stronger investor relationships.

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