Unlocking VC funding in 2023: Top three investor priorities every SaaS founder should know


Discover the keys to securing your next round of funding in the increasingly competitive VC landscape of 2023. Uncover what today's investors truly value and learn how to position your SaaS start-up for success.

In the fast-paced world of 2023, the venture capital (VC) landscape is more competitive than ever. Early-stage Software as aService (SaaS) founders and CEOs are tirelessly looking to secure funding to propel their ideas and companies forward. However, what do investors actually look for in these nascent businesses? Understanding the investor's perspective could be your ticket to securing not just capital, but also the right partner to supercharge your business growth.

Traditionally, market size, revenue, and user metrics were hailed as the key metrics for investment consideration. However, the investment lens has evolved, focusing more keenly on three pivotal areas, which we shall explore in this article. These aspects, although listed in reverse order of importance, together create a holistic view of an attractive investment.

1. The strength of your value proposition

First, we need to consider the value proposition, especially vital in uncertain economic times. As a founder, your offering should not just be a 'nice-to-have' product; instead, it should be a'must-have' for your target market. Investors are attracted to companies whose products or services solve a real problem, hold a quantifiable value, and resonate with customers on a level that transforms them from a luxury to a necessity.

But how can you prove that your SaaS product falls into the 'must-have' category? One approach could be leveraging customer testimonials or case studies to demonstrate how your product has become indispensable for users. Another could be showcasing customer retention rates or lifetime value. These metrics could significantly signal that your users are not just purchasing but are heavily relying on your product over time.


2. The defensibility of your product or service

The second consideration, is your product's defensibility. The ability to protect your product or service from being easily replicated by competitors is a vital element that investors look for. The tech industry, marked by its low barriers to entry, is teeming with entrepreneurs ready to replicate successful ideas. Your start-up must have a competitive moat to protect it from a siege of competitors.

Your moat could be in the form of proprietary technology, patents, or even the intricate knowledge of a niche market.Moreover, a strong brand, customer loyalty, and network effects could also serve as robust barriers to entry. Hence, communicating these defences in your pitch can strengthen your case for investment.


3. The foundation of the founders

Lastly, and most importantly, investors analyse the foundation of the founders. Gone are the days when a single-minded founder would suffice. Today, a successful founding team is diverse in thought, rich inexperience, and characterised by a willingness to learn and adapt.

Investors view a one-person show as a single point of weakness, a potential failure. They prefer teams where knowledge is distributed, and resilience is built into the very fabric of the organisation.This does not only mean diversity in terms of gender or ethnicity but also a mix of skills, experiences, and mindsets. It’s about being open to learning, willing to adapt, and the humility to accept when one is wrong.

This emphasis on the founder's capacity to grow reflects the belief that the foundation of any start-up lies not in the product it sells but in the people who build it. It is they who adapt the business to changing markets, customer needs, and who pivot when necessary to keep the business viable and thriving.


While securing investment is a significant milestone, remember, it's just as important to find the right investor - one who understands your vision, believes in your team, and can provide more than just capital. Navigating the VC landscape in 2023 may be challenging, but knowing what investors are looking for will help you prepare. By demonstrating a strong value proposition, a defendable product or service, and a resilient, diverse founding team, you will not only appeal to investors but also position your business for long-term success.

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