Outsourced fractional CFO services for start-ups

Our outsourced CFO services and fractional CFOs form a key part of your Board. They attend Board meetings and work with key decision-makers to support fundraising efforts and prepare financial insight. They'll drive and even challenge the business strategy from a finance perspective.

Building relationships and credibility

If you're looking to attract investment, you'll want a CFO who understands your business model. Whether it's a tech, SaaS or e-commerce business, our CFOs know what investors want and can understand and speak the language of your industry.

Our fractional CFOs take the time to understand the commercial drivers of your business and build a robust finance function. If you're looking to fundraise, they'll help you tell the story; one backed up by historic and forward-looking data that stands up to scrutiny.

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38% of investors indicate that a lack of visibility over how financial data is gathered, checked or analysed makes them doubt its accuracy, while 58% are concerned about the lack of financial transparency in businesses. (Source: BlackLine)

Fractional CFO - supporter and challenger

As the leading finance person in your organisation, it's the job of the CFO not only to support, but to question and challenge. To ask difficult questions. So, it's essential for your business that we build trust and develop a good relationship. That's always our starting point.

Are you:

  • Missing big picture strategic financial management and support?
  • Lacking credibility with investors and looking for outsourced CFO services for your start-up?
  • Spending hours with financial reporting, slicing and dicing Excel and CRM data before Board meetings?
  • Surrounded by 'yes' people who don't bring critical challenges to you or the business?
  • Struggling to understand where to prioritise and focus your efforts, and the financial implications of this?

Being your fractional CFO - our approach

Our CFOs get under the skin of your business, quickly grasp the key financial levers and see what can be influenced to gear up for success, and they’ll develop insightful metrics, with the right supporting data, so you can see what changes make an impact.

A CFO should do the heavy lifting and leave you to focus on running the business. Our CFOs will support you, prepare financial reporting, forecasts and plans, and help you with pitch decks and presentations to tell your story if you're fundraising.

A fractional CFO is a great sounding board for your company and can deliver critical financial decisions on your behalf without compromising your business relationships.

Why work with flinder?

  • At flinder we’ve helped hundreds of fast-growth tech, SaaS and e-commerce companies; we understand the financial challenges and know how to overcome them.
  • Our CFOs typically work with about 10 companies at any one time, meaning you benefit from the lessons and skills gained from working in similar industries with similar challenges.
  • The role and support of our fractional CFOs can flex as your business scales, and our service is structured to be elastic to the changing demands of your business.
  • Our CFOs are backed up by a multi-disciplined team to help quickly deliver all elements of a finance function. In short, we can bring the right skills and experience at the right time and the right price.