Integrated data analytics services

Outsourced data analytics solutions for fast-growth businesses. Access real-time, user-friendly insight across your entire tech stack, purpose-built for fast-growth companies. As data analytics consultants, we design and build custom financial and operational performance dashboards aligned to your business strategy in our proprietary data analytics platform.

Data analytics

Your real-time command centre

Many fast-growth businesses lack visibility of performance and base decision-making on historic, delayed, inaccurate data, or even worse, no data at all. The best start-ups make data driven decisions.

We work with founders to identify and define relevant KPIs and bring together the right data from disjointed and disparate cloud applications. We create a custom, real-time data command centre that gives you visibility of business-wide performance that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Real-time data analytics dashboard reporting.

94% of enterprises say data and analytics are essential to business growth, according to MicroStrategy.



Data analytics dashboard with month by month SaaS MRR chart.
Data analytics SaaS dashboard with user numbers and ARPU charts.
Data analytics SaaS dashboard with user reconciliation waterfall and churn by segment charts.
Data analytics SaaS dashboard with users by plan by month and expansion revenue charts.
Data analytics SaaS dashboard with data costs and gross margin and CAC and customer success costs charts.
Data analytics SaaS and e-commerce dashboard with cohort analysis and LTV:CAC by cohort charts.
It’s one thing to know that ARR has gone up (or down).
But do you know why?
  • How much is because of user numbers?
  • How much is driven by price (ARPU)?
If your user numbers have changed, how much is from paused, churned, reactivated or new customers?
  • How does this compare to previous months?
  • Do you know how cohorts are behaving?
How will this influence your decisions going forward?
Do you know why ARPU has changed?
  • How much is from a change in user or plan profile?
  • How much is from plan expansion or contraction?
What can you learn from it and how much can you influence it?
Do you know how ARPU drivers have affected other costs in the business?
  • How has plan mix impacted hosting costs and your gross profit?
  • How have customer demographics driven customer acquisition costs?
  • How has geography affected customer success team costs?
  • How visible, accurate and segmented are your cohorts?
These are just a few of the questions you can ask and answer with the right data.

If you don't have the operational and financial data, you're not going to understand what's driving the numbers or driving your business. Our custom analytics will help tell your story.

Are you:

  • Lacking visibility and uninspired with traditional financial reporting?
  • Missing segmented performance insight across the entire business?
  • Frustrated with conflicting, inaccurate data from different sources wasting valuable time?
  • Flying blind, basing decisions on gut instinct rather than accurate data?

We play well with others

Our proprietary technology integrates with all your business-wide applications.

Custom data analytics - our approach

As a data analytics company, we have a tried and tested 5D methodology to design and build real-time data analytics aligned to your strategy.

1. DISCOVER - clarity on what you and your stakeholders need to meet your strategy
  • Understand the business vision and strategy.
  • Establish stakeholder groups, priorities and typical questions.
  • Identify key metrics to answer stakeholder questions.
  • Understand data sources, access and data structures to build key metrics.
2. DESIGN: Create a consistent definitions library and begin to design your dashboards
  • Agree data and KPI definitions.
  • Prepare storyboards with key metrics and data sources.
  • Cleanse data and map data fields.
  • Create a dashboard technical blueprint.
3. DEVELOP - dashboards begin to take shape
  • Build database tables.
  • Data extraction, transforming and loading into AWS (ETL).
  • Back-end data prep.
  • Front-end chart build.
4. DEPLOY - you can start to use your dashboards and give feedback
  • Create all users with appropriate permissions according to matrix.
  • Demo walkthrough for initial feedback.
  • UAT period for any additional feedback points to be resolved.
5. DO - greater insight and better decision-making
  • Business as usual

Your new custom dashboards mean you and your team have much greater visibility of performance across the business and are all working from the same page – quite literally.

Integrated data analytics for better decision making

Turbo charge your business with our custom SaaS and e-commerce dashboards for deep insights. Integrated data analytics, designed, built, hosted and managed by flinder experts.

Pencil and ruler icon
Customised - designed and built for your sector and strategy
Layers icon
Business wide – finance-only tells you what's happened, we tell you why
Network connected icon
Autonomous – removing manual intervention and mistakes
Clock icon
Real-time – faster insight and more proactive decision-making
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Accessible – anytime, anywhere
Real-time data analytics dashboard reporting.Traditional finance reporting in a spreadsheet.
  • Designed and built by flinder experts
  • Real-time business-wide reporting
  • Integrations with your tech and apps
  • Mesh different data sets to create insight
  • Segment and slice your data
  • Custom user/group permissions
  • Data and KPI definitions library
Graphic showing users connecting to services like airtable, xero and hubspot using the flinder data analytics app.
  • Data encryption (at rest and in transit)
  • ISO27001, SOC, PCI DSS Level 1 compliant data centres
  • Protecting privacy with 2FA
  • GDPR compliant
  • Time-limited tokens for secure access
  • Read-only access to your apps
  • Daily penetration testing using AppCheck
Data analytics dashboard security protocol diagram.

Why work with flinder?

  • flinder is an award-winning team of data, finance and operations specialists leading the profession in delivering rich, real-time insight for tech, SaaS and e-commerce companies.
  • Our proprietary technology has been developed specifically to bring financial and operational data together, customised by flinder experts, to give you strategic performance reporting across your business that's right.
  • We bring our collective experience and best-practice from working with hundreds of fast-growth tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses. We know the sector specific KPIs and metrics that founders and investors look for and align them to your strategy.